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Dear Griller

Grilling or bar-b-cueing is not just a way to use fire to cook food – for us it is a way of life. We adore the highest quality meat, the tastiest fish and particularly unusual dishes such as goose and red cabbage, fallen pineapple cake or pizza.

Regardless of the season, we can imagine nothing better than to be in the open air, a delicious drink in hand, standing at a gas, coal or electric bar-b-cue or a smoker or beefer enhancing our techniques, exchanging ideas and sharing our knowledge with like-minded folk. That’s the reason we created the “Grill Academy” or “Bar-b-cue College” in the unique environment of the old Coach House beside Marienburg Manor in 2012.

We also share another passion since 2015: Searching for the best steak of the world. For that reason we are dry aging - over and over again - various beef races and pieces and let you be part of it evaluating the results.

The team comprises Mario Niessen, with twenty-three years’ experience as master butcher and grill chef; Gerd Meier, third generation owner of an outdoors and camping specialist company and a complete expert in all technical aspects of outdoor grilling; Alexander Zimmer, who, ever since he chewed his baby crusts, loves nothing better than to sit by an open fire eating and drinking and finally Joanna Lachnit, the ‘friendly spirit’ of the Manor and our first class wine and dessert specialist.

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Birthday parties, Family Get-Togethers, Team meetings -
Feel at home in a unique atmosphere

Our old Coach House is perfectly suited for celebrating small but exquisite birthday parties, family get-togethers or team meetings. Calm background music, culinary highlights from the grill for groups up to 30 people in a beautiful setting with a wonderful garden and pond. We would love to help you work out all the details for your celebration.

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